Community Management

Board of Directors:

Currently, the board of directors consists of five elected residents who serve one year terms and until their successors are elected. The officers of DPPOA consist of a president, vice president and treasurer.  The Board of Directors and Officers for 2020-2021 are:

  • David Lewis, President
  • William Longardner, Vice President
  • Wayne Halpern, Treasurer
  • Tom Downs
  • Larry Gigerich
  • Andrea Hoffman
  • Cole Seger

Property Management Company

As with any homeowner association, your DPPOA Board of Directors, acting on behalf of the property owners, employs a homeowner property management company to handle administrative issues. Services that the management company provides include accounts payable and receivable; responding to residents’ request for assistance; handling community mailings; periodic community inspections; coordinating legal action when required; contracting and oversight of landscaping, maintenance, road repair and upkeep and other services; and such other services as might be requested by the Board of Directors. The current property management company is:

Ardsley Management Corporation

Primary contacts: Kevin Schwarz or Alissa Holloway